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A Beauty Review Moment – Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Romanesque


Hellooo everyone! Hopefully it’s okay that I am doing my third beauty review in a row; I’ve built up a couple of new products in my stash over the couple of weeks that I was gone, so now that I have the time I want to share my thoughts on them. However, as soon as the weather here gets even the slightest bit sunny, I am going to do a What to Wear post for Christmas! Until then, I have one more beauty review lined up after this one, as well as my review of the December ipsy bag.

Yesterday I reviewed the new YSL Tint-In-Oil from their Spring 2015 collection. At the end of the post I mentioned that I was really interested in checking out the new Chanel Spring 2015 collection, Reverie Parisienne. Well, I couldn’t resist. I made an order yesterday and it arrived this morning! Hurray for free overnight shipping (which is still going on through December 23 if there is something you want to pick up for a last minute Christmas gift)!

I think Chanel spring collections are my favorite. I ooh-ed and aah-ed over their 2013 collection, Printemps Precieux de Chanel, for over a year before I finally caved and bought the featured Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Eclatante, which is probably my most favorite hot pink lipstick that I own. Their spring collections always master that delicate feel of femininity and springy-ness without feeling too pastel/cotton candy machine.

There were a handful of things that caught my eye in the collection, including the Le Vernis in Desirio and the Camelia Rose blush, but I restrained myself to just the Rouge Allure Velvet in La Romanesque, which was featured in the collection’s promotional image.


Everything came beautifully packaged in this snazzy box, which I’ll definitely keep because I’m a hoarder. I also appreciate the extra samples that came in a nice pouch, which I will also be keeping.


The Rouge Allure Velvet is an interesting formula. It’s the most matte formula that Chanel does, but it isn’t a traditional matte that sucks every last bit of moisture out of your lips (sadly like the MAC ones, at least from my experience). When you apply it, it goes on smooth and almost glossy, but leaves behind a matte lip color. It’s very strange, but velvet is a great way of describing the experience. I would say this particular formula is neither hydrating nor dehydrating. Because it is matte, it pretty much lasts all day on the lips, especially with darker colors. However, a word to the wise – exfoliate your lips before you wear a Rouge Allure Velvet. Despite their smooth texture, the lipsticks have a habit of attaching themselves to any dry bit of skin on your lips. Kind of annoying, but it’s the case with almost any matte lipstick I’ve tried.


Natural lighting



I’m slightly disappointed with the color of the lipstick as compared to the promo image. The image makes it look like this incredible violet-y pink, but it doesn’t come off that way in the swatch or on the lips. They must have paired it with a more violet lip liner under the lipstick to get that look. Having said that, I still do love the color. It’s just waaay more pink with maybe just a hint of a purple undertone to it. It’s deep enough to wear for winter, but I think it will transition nicely to spring, too, because it has a brighter quality to it.

Chanel in general isn’t exactly affordable makeup (La Romanesque will run you $35), but I think it is nice for a once-in-a-while splurge if you see something that you really love. I maybe buy something twice-a-year at most, and it’s usually from the spring collections.

I also recommend ordering directly from Chanel. I received overnight shipping, a lovely gift box and little pouch, plus two decent samples all for free.

Let me know what your thoughts are on La Romanesque or the Chanel Spring 2015 collection in general!

My ipsy December review will be up tomorrow; I need a little more time to finish testing the products.

Thanks for reading (and only six days until Christmas!!! I’m just a little excited).


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