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A Beauty Moment – MAC Lipstick Collection and Swatches


Hi everyone! Today I am doing a post on my MAC lipstick collection! MAC was definitely my favorite brand when I first got into makeup about five years ago now. I’ve since steered away from the brand for no particular reason other than there are so many other out there to try.


However, MAC lipsticks have remained a staple in my collection throughout the years because they are inexpensive, they have practically every color you could ever want, and they apply/wear beautifully.



I have 11 colors in my collection at the current moment, and below I will show you both hand and lip swatches. Enjoy!


I have two reds from MAC in my collection.

Russian Red is a blue-toned red that is a matte formula. It’s a tad drying, so I don’t reach for it as often as I do with my all-time favorite red, but the color is beautiful.

Diva is a beautiful, deep brick red that is perfect for fall. This is also a matte, but I find it to be less drying than Russian Red.

Russian Red, Diva
Russian Red, Diva
russian red swatch
Russian Red
Diva swatch


See Sheer is one of my first lipsticks from MAC. This is described as a “grapefruit pink”, which fits it well. It’s a peachy pink that is pretty heavy on the peach. It’s a lustre formula.

Flamingo is a lipstick I picked up from the Iris Apfel collection a while back. However, it is now permanent. Yay! It’s a light milky coral/pink that is one of those lipsticks I throw on with everything when I don’t know what to wear. It is also a lustre formula, which means it’s sheer and glossy while still being pigmented. It is far more pink in real life than on MAC’s website.

Lipblossum is one you may remember from my Back to MAC trip I recently did. It’s also a lustre, and is a coral with a gorgeous gold shimmer throughout. It has quickly become my summer go-to! I definitely think it is underrated and I don’t hear enough people talking about it.

See Sheer, Flamingo, Lipblossum
See Sheer, Flamingo, Lipblossum
see sheer swatch
See Sheer
flamingo swatch
lip blossom swatch


You may have come to realize I have an obsession with bright pinks. This trend continues.

Party Parrot is a color I also hunted high and low for from the Iris Apfel collection. It’s a neon bright pink that is showing itself to be far more coral in the picture than it is in real life. This is also a matte, and is slightly drying.

Girl About Town is hands-down my favorite pink. It’s a blue-toned fuchsia similar to Show Orchid, but without the blue shimmer. It’s an amplified finish, which means it is creamy and incredibly pigmented without being drying. I love it!

Show Orchid is basically Girl About Town with some blue shimmer/duo chrome that is so pretty in the sunlight! I think you can justify having both in a collection based on this. Show Orchid is also slightly brighter and is an amplified.

Party Parrot, Girl About Town, Show Orchid
Party Parrot, Girl About Town, Show Orchid
party parrot swatch
Party Parrot
girl about town swatch
Girl About Town
show orchid swatch
Show Orchid


Plumful is probably my favorite lipstick from MAC in my collection. It’s my absolute favorite in the fall because it is the perfect mix of plum and pink. It’s a wonderful everyday color for that time of year and can work with practically every skin tone and makeup look. This is a lustre finish.

Twig is a plummy brown and is the epitome of a Kylie Jenner lip color. While I don’t exactly care for Kylie Jenner or her general style, I do love this color. It can be difficult to wear though; I find it looks best when your complexion is paler. This is a satin finish, which means it’s matte without looking flat on your lips. It’s gives the color some dimension.

Rebel is the last color in my collection. It’s also a satin and is my favorite bold lip color for fall and winter. It’s a beautiful purple/plum/red that is incredibly pigmented. It looks especially nice if you keep the rest of your makeup simple.

Plumful, Twig, Rebel
Plumful, Twig, Rebel
plumful swatch
twig swatch
rebel swatch

Overall, my favorites are definitely Plumful, Lip Blossom, and Girl About Town.

As I was taking these pictures outside, I noticed a butterfly on some of the flowers we recently planted. So pretty! I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures.






Once again, thank you for reading!

xoxo Rebekah


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