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A What to Wear Moment – Wedding Season

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Summer may be ending, but wedding season isn’t!

Nothing can be more stressful (or satisfying) than finding the perfect outfits for everyone in the wedding party. Weddington Way is an awesome website that literally has thousands of dresses to choose from, and you can customize practically all of them to your liking. AND, with their new Gent Shop, Weddington Way makes renting tuxes for the fellas a breeze.

download (7)  download (5)  download (10) download  download (1)  download (9)

I’ve got to say, I absolutely love vintage weddings. I’m kind of obsessed with the 1920s, and I think it would be absolutely beautiful to have a wedding inspired by it.

weddingtonway dessy 2878 cloudy skyline

weddington way caleb light blue herringbone

This pair is definitely my favorite from the website. The lace dress is the Dessy 2878 dress. It is so elegant and gorgeous, plus I think it screams 1920s wedding. It’s reminiscent of Gatsby without being a drop-waist flapper dress, which I love. You can customize the colors of the fabric and sash to whatever you like best, but I’m a fan of the Cloudy fabric with the Skyline sash, just like it shows on the website. This color would also flatter a lot of different skin tones, and the shape of the dress can suit practically any body shape. To shop this dress and hundreds of other options, check out Weddington Way here!

This suit is also fantastic. How fun is it? This is the Weddington Way Caleb suit, and the tie is in Lite Blue Herringbone. I think it’s perfect for a summer wedding because it’s light and bright. It also reminds me of what Leonardo DiCaprio wore in the latest version of The Great Gatsby. It’s fun and unique, and you definitely can’t go wrong with it for a vintage inspired wedding. The Gent Shop is brand new and practically fool proof; they make returns easy, will help find local tailors to get the perfect measurements, and they’ll even overnight new sizes if anything doesn’t fit the way it should.

What does your dream wedding look like?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah


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