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21 Things I’ve Learned in My 21 Years

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Today is my 21st birthday, which would be far more exciting if I didn’t have class all day today and a bunch of work to do this weekend. Welcome to being an adult, I suppose. That being said, I hope you will excuse the library selfie!

Having my birthday during the school year growing up was the best, even though it might not seem that way. We always got to bring in birthday treats and celebrate with a little party together. I also go to spend the day with my family and my friends every year, which was wonderful. A memory that will always stick out is from the eighth grade when my friends pretended to forget my birthday so I would be even more surprised the following day when they brought me a cake.

I’ve also always loved my birthday because it’s nestled in the beginning of fall, when the leaves are starting to turn and it’s acceptable to eat pumpkin themed everything. But it’s not freezing out yet so I can enjoy it.

Through celebrating 21 years on this earth, I’ve learned a lot of lessons. Some good, some bad, some strange. I thought it would be fun to share a couple of those things here with you now:

  1. You work too hard to say no to dessert.
  2. Said hard work will always pay off, even if it’s not right away.
  3. No problem is too small to go to God with. He’s always there for you.
  4. If you love something, buy it. Life is too short to be haunted by a pair of shoes.
  5. That being said, money isn’t everything.
  6. It’s perfectly acceptable to love One Direction as a 21-year-old.
  7. Visit your friends as often you can because there will come a time that won’t always be possible.
  8. Strive to always do your best rather than stressing over grades. A letter doesn’t define you, but the effort you put in does.
  9. Read the classics and watch film noir.
  10. Always get your 8 hours of sleep. Nothing is that important to miss it.
  11. Never be afraid to do something you are passionate about, even if someone else might think you’re strange.
  12. Sometimes you need to watch Pretty Little Liars and make fake Tinder profiles with your friends instead of facing responsibilities. That’s okay, too.
  13. Love yourself: God made you the way you are for a reason. You don’t need to change.
  14. Forgive easily and be happy. Life will be so much better because of it.
  15. You have a voice that matters and can make a difference – use it.
  16. Don’t wear a ponytail when playing on the floor with puppies who confuse everything for a tug-of-war toy.
  17. Not everyone will like you, but don’t let one person’s opinion affect the way you see yourself.
  18. Also remember that not all criticism is valid; some people just like to be mean.
  19. You are never too old to binge watch Disney movies.
  20. Stay in with your family when you have the chance.
  21. You are never finished learning.

Thanks for reading everyone! Birthdays are also the best because we all know calories don’t exist on that day. 😉

xoxo Rebekah


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